Committee Descriptions

Ohio AHEAD currently maintains 3 standing committees and one Ad Hoc committee in order to delegate the work of Ohio AHEAD.  We strongly encourages the participation of our members on these committees.  A member does not need to serve on the Board of Directors in order to serve on an individual committee and committees can be flexible in meeting you at whatever commitment level you may be able to make.  For more questions about an individual committee or it’s work – please contact the individuals listed as the point of contact below.



The primary charge of the communications committee will be to facilitate the delivery of information for and about the Ohio Association on Higher Education and Disability (OH-AHEAD) and disseminate information about the regular activities of the Board of Directors, state and national resources, trainings and any other information to the organization’s membership.

Regular activities of the Communications Committee include (but are not limited to):

  • Maintaining and updating our website, including posting of minutes from Board of Directors meetings and other OH-AHEAD Documents (i.e. bylaws, member institutions etc.)
  • Maintain and monitor OH-AHEAD’s primary communication mediums including but not limited to:
    • the OH-AHEAD official e-mail account and any current social media presence
  • Receive and disseminate information shared by individual institutions or members to the membership at large.
  • If and/or when OH-AHEAD obtains some control over the OH-AHEAD listerv, the Communications Committee in partnership with the Membership Committee would maintain this tool
    • Membership’s responsibility would primarily be to verify member e-mail addresses for accurate upkeep of who should receive these e-mails.

Alex Ecklund, Communications Committee Chair –



The primary charge of the membership committee is to serve as a central source for recommending changes to member benefits, marketing the benefits of membership, managing memberships and the administration of member benefits.

Regular activities of the Membership Committee include (but are not limited to):

  • Membership maintenance and marketing
    • Maintain membership roster in Wufoo
    • Notify new/renewed members once their membership is active
    • Notify current members when it’s time to renew their membership
    • Coordinate marketing and recruitment efforts for becoming a member or renewing membership
    • Assist prospective/returning members in troubleshooting the membership application process
  • Administer membership benefits
    • Coordinate membership gifts
    • Coordinate annual membership awards (including call for nominations, recipient selection, and plaque ordering)
    • (if we move in this direction): Periodically update listserv to match membership roster
  • Administrative functions
    • Periodically evaluate appropriateness of membership types, costs, benefits, and application process. Suggests improvements to the Board as needed.
    • Coordinate the annual membership survey

Brenda Cooper, Membership Committee Chair –



The primary charge of the conference committee is to facilitate the delivery of professional development that elevates the profession and allows for networking among members. The conference committee is responsible for all aspects of the conference planning in consultation with the Board of Directors regarding BoD overall goals, themes, and budget.


Regular activities of the Conference Committee include (but are not limited to):

  • Date, location and conference host
  • Identify local (campus) contact for Conference
  • Registration: set-up, monitor, publicize, answer questions, troubleshoot
  • Concurrent Session Proposals: solicit, evaluate, communicate with presenters
  • Vendors: solicit, coordinate, manage
  • CEUs: submit applications, process, manage
  • Accessibility needs for participants
  • Establish timelines for conference as well as long-term goals
  • Coordinate Member’s Social night before
  • Solicit Keynote suggestions, select Keynote, coordinate logistics
  • Presenter management: make schedule, communicate, moderators, evaluate management, gift selection and ordering
  • Coordinate with Communications Committee to promote the conference in a consistent tone and in conjunction with other messaging
  • Coordinate with Membership Committee to facilitate membership renewal in conjunction with registration and provide member discounts
  • Coordinate with Treasurer to process and track payments as well as pay conference related expenses


Kris Knight, Conference Committee Chair –




The primary charge of the public relations and outreach committee is to determine the best methods by which Ohio AHEAD can develop greater recognition outside postsecondary disability services, establish connections with key stakeholders not currently reached, recommend to the Board of Directors the best long-term solution to maintaining public relations and outreach. This is an Ad-Hoc committee which will complete its charge between January 2018-December 2018.


Regular activities of the Public Relations and Outreach include (but are not limited to):

  • Determine key stakeholders not currently included in the regular membership of Ohio AHEAD
  • Establish a channel to receive feedback form stakeholders regarding ways in which Ohio AHEAD may be able to address their professional needs
  • Identify ways in which Ohio AHEAD can effectively be promoted to new stakeholders
  • Coordinate with each standing committee to determine the extent to which their regular activities could or could not sustain the work of this committee
  • Recommend long-term solutions for maintaining relationships with various stakeholders

For more information about the PR and Outreach Committee please contact