2015 Conference Sessions

Concurrent Session 1

Developing and Implementing Attendance Accommodations

Julie DiBiasio and Amanda Weyant, Kent State University

Audience: All

Endeavor Room A
This session will focus on Kent State University’s approach to developing and maintaining attendance modifications for students with disabilities. Topics will include a review of policy development, identifying legitimate requests for attendance modifications, and appropriately evaluating requests based on several key factors.

Attendance Modification 2015


Addressing Ableist Language Use at the Collegiate Level

Gregory Cherry, Miami University

Audience: New Disability Services Professionals and Continuing Disability Services Professionals

Endeavor Room B

A common, but often unspoken, problem that universities face is the marginalization of the disability community through ablest language. This session will identify ablest language and its everyday use, how such language use can unintentionally target those with disabilities, and provide comprehensive steps on how to create inclusive environments for all within a university setting.

Ablist Language – AHEAD Presentation

Disability Terminology Chart


Disability Dilemmas: A Graduate Student Panel Discussion Regarding the Disabilities Studies Paradigm

Leah Subak, Caleb Berkemeier, Angela Orlando, Stefanie Amiruzzaman, Amy Bachtel, Kent State University

Audience: All

Endeavor Room C

This session includes discussion of the Disability Studies paradigm by graduate student panelists. Examples from students’ personal experiences regarding access to higher education will be discussed. Topics to be compared/contrasted include: Disability Studies and traditional perspectives of disability; Deaf-centric connections; and the role of vetted allies in Disability work.

 DisabilityDilemmas – Graduate Student Panel



Concurrent Session 2


Testing and Disability Offices: Partners in Access and Success

Jennifer Radt, University of Cincinnati Clermont

Sara Rieder Bennett, Kelly Kulick, Jessica DeFago, The University of Akron

Heather Vennekotter, Rhodes State Community College

Audience: All

Endeavor Room A

Disability/Accessibility Offices frequently partner with the Testing Services Offices on their campus to provide testing accommodations to students with disabilities. Often, issues of space, training, and communication come up as important tools in a successful partnership. Come and here from colleagues who have established these partnerships on their campuses to talk about how best to work together to ensure that students have access to their exams in a supportive, secure testing environment.

Testing & ODS Partners

Testing & ODS Partnership Handout


Students within the Autism Spectrum in Higher Education Settings

Heather Rando and Erendira Lopez-Garcia, Wright State University

Audience: All

Endeavor Room B

Wright State University’s Office of Disability Services serves an increasing number of students within the Autism Spectrum and has united numerous multidisciplinary professionals to ensure these students’ academic success. This presentation will highlight important challenges of AS, including difficulties in interpersonal functioning, emotion regulation, and communication. It will also focus on strengths and positive aspects of AS as well as effective interventions.

Students w/ Autism in Higher Ed


Providing Support and Resources for Students with Severe Physical Disabilities from Start to Finish

Jean Denney and Dan Darkow, Wright State University

Audience: New Disability Services Professionals, Continuing Disability Services Professionals

Endeavor Room C

This presentation will focus on addressing tips and best practices for providing support services, resources and guidance for students with severe physical disabilities attending college. Maybe you have been faced with questions from prospective students/families regarding personal care assistance while in college, what to do when a student’s power wheelchair breaks, or you are wondering where do I start in knowing how best to assist a student with a severe physical disability. Presenters have extensive knowledge of providing services for students with severe physical disabilities while working collaboratively with the offices of Disability Services and Campus Housing

 Support for Students with Severe Physical Disabilities



Concurrent Session 3

Reaching and Supporting Student Veterans

Adam Crawford and Amanda Hostetter, The Ohio State University

Audience: Continuing Disability Services Professionals, Disability Services Directors

Endeavor Room B

Student veterans, many with disabilities, are arriving on our campuses in increasing numbers. How do we connect this population with our services when our messaging and practices can often sound off-putting to them? Attendees will hear the results of a year-long initiative to better reach and serve student veterans.

veteran oh ahead 10.23.15


Predictors of Faculty Attitude and Willingness to Accommodate: Training to Effect Culture Change

Carey Busch, Ohio University

Audience: Continuing Disability Services Professionals, Disability Services Directors

Endeavor Room C

Faculty receptiveness and willingness to accommodate can be varied and can have an impact on the experience and success of the student. This program will review existing research regarding faculty attitude and willingness to accommodate and examine the factors that impact attitude and implications for training faculty to bring about culture change.

Culture Change Ohio AHEAD

Recommendations for Faculty Development


Learning Disorder and ADHD Assessment in University Counseling Centers

Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D, The University of Akron

Endeavor Room C

Psychologist and President of the Ohio College Testing Association will provide an overview of psychological assessment, diagnosis, and recommendations for learning disorders and ADHD. The diagnostic categories will be discussed followed by practices in psychological assessment, factors affecting test performance, and how recommendations for treatment and accommodations are developed.

Ohio AHEAD LD ADHD presentation