Membership Categories

Institutional Membership: An institutional membership (3+ members at the same institution). If you are only wanting a single membership, please instead complete the Membership Form for Individuals.

Individual Membership: An individual member shall be anyone else interested either professionally or personally in supporting and advancing educational opportunities for people with disabilities. An individual  member is entitled to one vote and is eligible to hold office.

Dues will be determined by the Board of Directors. Dues for all categories must be paid on an annual basis and must be submitted to OHIO-AHEAD.


If you are new to the field, new to the area, or have not submitted your membership fees for 2016, please complete the attached form to become a member. OH-AHEAD strives to keep costs as low as possible.

To start or renew your membership, please click on the link above that represents the membership category you are interested in.


For membership questions, call Brenda Cooper at 937.229.2066 or email


Send Membership PAYMENT to:                      

Adam Crawford

The Ohio State University

098 Baker Hall

113 W. 12th Ave.

Columbus, OH 43210

Fax: 614.2924190

OH- AHEAD is the premier professional association committed to the full participation of persons with disabilities in post-secondary education. AHEAD members benefit from the existence of state and regional groups because they have a “pulse” on the issues of relevance in specific geographical areas, and they promote networking and sharing of information about local resources. Because of this, AHEAD sought to develop more formal ties to state and regional groups and to support their existence by sharing its resources.